Newtech Lingua

for Asian businesses
and mass-media
since 2007
are key languages. Other languages: Chinese, Korean, French, German, Italian, Ukrainian, Kazakh, Uzbek, Azerbaijani, Turkmen etc.
all formats of drawings, simultaneous and consecutive interpretation, video negotiations, project coordination in technology, sports, mass-media domains
Translation of scientific and technical documents
Russian professionals of English/ Japanese/Chinese translation; professional native Japanese translators; single-subject specialists

70% of translators are professional engineers
Proven and reliabile
international communications
in science and technology
Continuous mastering in science and technology
translation. Vast experience in machinery and civil construction, iron and steel, conventional and nuclear power, petrochemical sector etc.
Newtech Lingua provides the following services for projects in CIS countries
And on-site and remote interpretation services during projects implementation
Who we are
We are a strong team of multidisciplinary translators of various languages: Japanese, Chinese, Korean, Russian, Azerbaijani, Kazakh, Uzbek, Turkmen, Ukrainian, English, French, Italian, German, Polish and others.
We are a team of Russian engineers with a solid background of participation in international projects.
We are skilled managers communicating with our customers in English, Russian, Chinese and Japanese and making fast qualitative and quantitative assessment of tasks, ensuring seamless workflow and timely delivery of finished translations to clients.
Newtech Lingua was created in 2007 from a technical department of the ENI-group to render translation, marketing and staff recruiting services to Japanese companies and their partners in Russia. Since then we have gathered the Russia's largest database of practicing Japanese language interpreters and an impressive experience in scientific and technical translations. Cooperation with professional translators of Japanese language allows us offering the translations of the native speaker level. 70% of our English language translators are engineers skilled to work with any formats of construction and machine-building layouts.
Vast translation experience in machinery construction, iron and steel, conventional and nuclear power, chemical and petrochemical sector, civil construction, car manufacturing, food industry and other sectors is confirmed by multi-year cooperation with the market leaders.

Major projects▸

Translation and interpretation, coordination of projects in technology, culture, sports, mass-media, publication of section-specific dictionaries. Services▸
Hard and software features protecting the confidentiality of translated documents.
Asian languages: Japanese, Chinese, Korean
European languages: English, French, Italian, German, Polish
CIS countries languages: Russian, Azerbaijani, Kazakh, Uzbek, Turkmen and others.

  1. best Russian professionals for Russian/Japanese and Russian-English-Japanese translation,
  2. 70% of English language translators are professional engineers,
  3. professional native Japanese translators living in Russia,
  4. multidisciplinary translators of various languages,
  5. single-subject specialists - subject matter translators
We wish to contribute our sincere efforts to the strengthening of mutual trust, scientific and technical dialogue between the countries.
A handbook for interpreters working in industrial enterprises during equipment mounting. The dictionary was compiled in collaboration with the technical support of IHI Corporation and financial sponsorship of Mitsubishi Electric Europe B.V.
Sector-specific dictionaries and glossaries
Newtech Lingua continuously populates the lexical base of professional terms in Russian, English and Japanese. Highly qualified specialists in computational linguistics and programming manage this database and compile sector-specific dictionaries and glossaries.
The range of terms corresponds with the edition "Glossary on nanotecnologies. metrology, standartization and certification in terms and definitions" published in 2009 under the editorship of leading Russian specialists Kovalchuck M.V. and Todua P.A.
Japanese-English-Russian Glossary on Nanotecnologies
The dictionary was published in collaboration with the largest Japanese construction companies: Sekisui House CIS (low and mid-rise houses), Kajima Kensetsu (one of the largest Japanese companies for high-rise construction and seismic protection).
Japanese-Russian and Russian-Japanese Glossary for Winter Olympics in Sochi 2014 and "Russia within a month" - a brief guide on cities hosting FIFA World Cup 2018 (in Japanese)
Publications for mass-media
Our clients
Major projects
Mitsubishi Corporation - 2009-2018
Translation of technical and commercial documents and drawings for projects related to heavy engineering.
2008-present - Sercons Japan
Translation of Russian State Standards and codes of Eurasian Union into Japanese.
IHI Corporation - 2009-present
Translation of technical documents for a car plant.
2017-2019 - JETRO (Japan External Trade Organization)
Organization of language services for Japanese companies at international exhibitions in Moscow and Yekaterinburg (Russia).
Kobe Steel 2016-2019
Translation from English into Azerbaijani and Russian of technical documents and drawings for the equipment to make high density polyethylene.
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NHK (Japan Broadcasting Corporation) - 2013-2018
Winter Olympics in Sochi (2014), Confederations Cup (2017), FIFA World Cup 2018 — interpretation, coordination and transport logistics at large sport events.
2015-2017 - GAP İnşaat (Turkey)
Translation of technical documents and drawings for ammonia and carbamide plant in Turkmenistan.
The United Nations (UN) - 2012-2018
Simultaneous interpretation at international seminars.
2014-2015 - Bridgestone
Translation of documents at the commissioning of tire works.
Nippura - 2011-2012
Interpretation at the construction of seaquarium.
2011- ISTC (International Scientific and Technical Center)
Interpretation of seminars on the decontamination of polluted territories.
Nisshin Foods - 2010-2011
Interpretation at installation of noodles line production.
2010 - Kajima Kensetsu
Drafting the program and interpretation at meetings with Russian experts on the Placement of concrete in winter.
'Japan today' publishing house - 2008
Translation of album 'Russia-Japan. Historical path to trust' telling about the history of Russian-Japanese relations. The President of Russia offered this album as a gift to the Prime-Minister of Japan at Hokkaido Summit in June 2008.
2007 - Furukawa Unic (the first client of Newtech Lingua)
Translation of the catalogue of cranes, reprint in Russian, dubbing of video about crane maintenance.
Projects for Mass-media
Team of Newtech Lingua
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