Proven and reliable international communications
in science and technology domain
Quality control
Newtech Lingua complies with the Russian Federation State standard for translation quality and the company requirements to translators. 100% of translations from/to Japanese undergo editing and proofreading.
Newtech Lingua cooperates with translators-professional engineers: graduates of the best Russian technical Universities (Bauman Moscow state technical University, MIPT, MEPhI, Lomonosov Moscow state University). Our translators have engineering background in Russia and English-speaking countries.
Client service
The Newtech Lingua team consists of experienced managers who are able to communicate with clients in Russian and foreign languages, conduct a quick qualitative and quantitative assessment of the task and ensure clear and timely translation logistics.

Technical translation from / to Japanese and English
is the main specialization of the company.

We also have experience in translating from Chinese, Korean, German, and Italian. We work with languages of the CIS countries (Azerbaijani, Kazakh, Uzbek, Turkmen etc) and Ukrainian at the native language level.
Significant experience has been accumulated in the following domains: mechanical engineering, iron and steel, petrochemistry, chemical industry, polymers, energy (including wind energy, solar energy, biomass energy and other new types), nuclear energy, civil construction and construction equipment, industrial robotics, geology, meteorology, medicine and medical technology, nanotechnology, ecology, oceanology, urban infrastructure and "smart city".

To translate highly specialized materials, Newtech Lingua invites industry experts (doctors, meteorologists, oceanographers and others) to the translation team, which allows us to accurately reflect the meaning of specialized information.

If necessary, Newtech Lingua performs notarization of documents with delivery in Moscow.
Text material
Newtech Lingua translates technical documentation, instructions for installation, operation and repair of equipment, articles and reports in science and technology, standards and regulations, scientific and technical presentations, patents, patent claims, documentation related to patenting or transferring patent and copyright, contracts, specifications, commercial offers and other documents related to commercial activities, materials of scientific and marketing research, reviews and other information, documents required for certification of goods for deliveries to Russia and the EAC, texts of video materials, constituent, accounting and banking documents, printing products with inscriptions in foreign languages, advertising materials: websites, catalogs, brochures etc.
We have extensive experience in translating large volumes of construction and engineering drawings in dwg/dxf, pdf, jpeg/jpg/png/tiff, vsd formats. The work is performed by a permanent team of translators and typesetters who have experience working with Asian languages.

The main principle is to optimize costs
by providing a translator at a level sufficient to fulfill
the customer's task, at a minimum price.
Qualification of interpreters
Newtech Lingua offers translators of four categories (from A to D), respectively, with professional qualifications. For each category, the type of possible translation work is defined (simultaneous translation, remote translation, scientific and technical symposia and conferences, negotiations, installation supervision, training seminars, translation support and other types of work).

The Client can choose a translator based on the "price–quality" criterion. The more complex the job and the higher the category of translator, the higher the cost of work.

In large projects, we are ready to offer an optimal team that includes interpreters of different qualifications.
Type of work
Newtech Lingua interprets at scientific and technical conferences, symposia, conferences, challenging presentations, demanding negotiations and trainings in science, technical and non-technical issues using multiple foreign languages, equipment mounting and other engineering activities on-site, provides supporting translation works of low level of complexity: interpretation during meeting and departure, chief-installation works of low difficulty level, language escort etc. Newtech Lingua provides operational translation support for scientific research: oral (including using communication tools) and written online: discussion of the progress and results of experiments, urgent translation of research reports, and much more.

Remote services
The main principle is to optimize costs by providing a translator at a level sufficient to fulfill the customer's task at a minimum price.
Consecutive and simultaneous remote translation
International video conferences are becoming a familiar and popular mode of communication. Along with them, new interpretation formats appear. For remote multilingual negotiations, Newtech lingua offers a service of consecutive and simultaneous remote translation. Technically, the service is provided by means of Internet communication, from public to professional with high reliability and access administration tools.
Remote support of equipment acceptance and transfer
International equipment deliveries are switching to remote acceptance procedures. Instead of previously mandatory visits of customer representatives to the manufacturer, acceptance is carried out from the supplier's territory via the Internet. The procedure, as before, is accompanied by the signing of a large volume of acceptance documents in one or two languages. Newtech Lingua performs urgent translation of technical, legal documents and information materials (including video texts), accompanying remote acceptance and transfer of equipment at all stages. The transfer is performed promptly in round-the-clock mode or in the mode of an agreed time interval.
Operational support of events
For international events of various subjects held remotely, we offer urgent translation of news and operational documents as they are received. Urgent translation of large volumes of technical documentation and drawings in conditions of tight deadlines for contract execution.

Coordination for mass-media
Newtech Lingua has experience in providing translation, coordination, and transportation services to Japanese broadcasters NHK, TBS, and TV-Tokyo during mega-sports events such as the Sochi Olympics 2014 and the FIFA World Cup 2018, as well as significant experience in preparation of TV programs, coordination and translation during filming.
Services for sports mega-events
Newtech Lingua provides recruitment of interpreters-coordinators working in Japanese/English/Russian combinations and renders transport coordination services (minibuses and cars with drivers) (only in Russia).
Services for preparation of TV programs
For preparation of TV programs Newtech Lingua offers program script development, archive search, coordination and interpretation during filming.

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